Sorry, Randomly Kind Person

Last week I started blogging again after almost a year and a half.   By Thursday I had blogged four days straight and Plume was open for the week and my brain was fried.   The thought of opening the computer at the end of the day to write anything just made me want to cry.   How do these professional blogsters do it?  I guess many of them probably have ghost writers or maybe they just sit and pre-blog so things post at just the right time…even on Easter.

Do all bloggers go through this?  What to write about?  What if no one reads it?  Worse, what if they read it and they hate it?  How is this going to help my business?  How am I going to keep up with this?  And then I remind myself…it doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just has to be real.  It’s baby steps.  Some is better than none.  So many times in life I find that if I can’t make something perfect…I give up.  If I can’t do it all the time…I quickly become discouraged and then I won’t/don’t do it at all.   I beat myself up.    This same equation could be applied to working out, eating healthy, my quiet time, fill in the ______________.  But tonight I sat back down.  Some is better than none.

At some point since my last post I did make it to Wal-Mart for provisions.   I get to the razor aisle and I find this…


…attached to the exact brand of razor I was about to buy.   It was about to expire that very day.  Some kind coupon-fairy-person who didn’t need it left it for me to find.  I picture this person flitting about Wal-Mart and just leaving happy little sprinkles of coupons all over the store.  I snapped a pic, not sure what I would do with the pic…but I wanted to remember the occasion.

I don’t coupon.   I’m all about saving $$, don’t get me wrong.   There was a time I would get all organized and clip, clip, clip.  Then in a few weeks…months…years…I would find myself cleaning out envelopes full of expired coupons.  So I stopped clipping.   These days I have a hard enough time actually sitting down to make a grocery list and then getting to the grocery with the list in my hand…much less the coupons too.

I guess that’s why finding a random $3 coupon for my brand of razors really did make my afternoon.  Not so much the saving $3…but just thinking about someone else caring enough about a total stranger to leave a surprise behind.  I took the coupon and put it in my pocket…grabbed the razors and headed on to the shampoo aisle.

Imagine my disappointment when I empty out my jean pockets later that evening and I find this…


Sorry, randomly kind person.   Rest assured, your coupon may have been wasted on an absent-minded-too-easily-distracted-by-shiny-objects gal…but your sweet gesture was not.

Tomorrow is another day and yes…some is better than none.

Love, Kelly