Home for the Holidays

When I moved to Missouri in 2001 a new era of Holidays began.   No longer was I able to spend every holiday with my family.  Jeremy and I started traveling each Thanksgiving & Christmas to either Louisville or Anderson, alternating every year.  If one year was Thanksgiving for my family, the next year we switched […]

Cyber What??

It’s no secret I tend to lag behind in Cyber anything.  However, throughout the past year we’ve been steadily enhancing our website to provide more services and conveniences for you.  And while we’re certainly no Amazon, and have no specials that will “break the internet” on this Cyber Monday, I’m pretty pleased with the progress […]

My Love Language

Can I tell you a secret? My love language is NOT gifts. How odd is it then, that I have a “gift shop?”  Can I tell you another secret? I never planned on opening a “gift shop.” To me Plume was, and still is, first and foremost a marketplace for local artisans to sell their handmade wares and vintage […]

Change (Will Do You Good)!

Not only did we start our fall hours this week, (in case you missed it we’re now open on WEDNESDAYS!! As in TODAY!!  Whoop whoop!) But we’ve also been making other changes around here. Completing the space expansion gave us an opportunity to bring on more local makers, tons of new inventory and some sweet […]

Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?!

Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?! This girl! Good thing the Target in Kona had a bathing suit section as big as our Target’s entire women’s apparel department here in Columbia. I ended up finding this romper-style suit and girls, it is the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever worn! I loved that […]

The Barber Chair & The Birthdays

Friends,  we’re so excited to have officially launched our customer birthday celebrations at Plume.   But before I tell you more about how we’re helping you celebrate, let us first take a stroll down memory lane to May 2017 when the barber chair first entered my life. It was all Jeremy’s idea.  I have to admit […]

Maker Monday: Meet Melanie

Who doesn’t love a good makeover?  A sweet before and after.  Fixer Upper anyone?   This week’s Maker Monday features one of the most beautiful makeovers I’ve see this year…so make sure you read to the end.  But it starts with my friend Melanie. Melanie is the designer and maker behind Henry Handbags which offers handmade […]

The Gathering Room Transformation: Part 1. My Favorite Chair

I’ve loved flipping back through pictures when I sit down to write these stories for you about the early days of Plume as we prepare for this new chapter and expansion.   Here’s another picture taken by my friend Lana from Art & Soul Photography just a few days before my opening day.  (I’m chuckling at […]

Why I started to bake…

You may remember when I shared a bit about Patty’s Place previously, the little shop that stood where Plume is now.  This was Patty’s card. Patty had a vision of a gathering place of local artisans complete with coffee, tea and some pastries.    It’s a vision I  shared and maintained for Plume.  Since day […]

Pretty Darn Fun.

In case you missed the memo, we’ve been having some pretty darn fun felt flower workshops around here. We started back in November with our holiday edition and everyone came and made these cute hand-stitched felt flower hoops. Beth Costello from Heartgrooves Handmade is the designer behind all our class samples and she also teaches […]

National Popcorn Day 2018

This Friday January 19th is National Popcorn Day! To celebrate we’re excited to Launch our Frequent Popper Cards with GOPO. Starting tomorrow, Thursday Jan 18th – Saturday Jan 20th sop by Plume anytime during our normal business hours and pick-up your card.  BONUS:  Grab a free 16oz bag of GOPO with any purchase on those […]

Plume 3.0

I’ve been busting at the seems to share with you some of our plans for 2018.  The most exciting of which is THAT WE ARE EXPANDING!  We’re staying put in our current location but adding another 1200 sq feet of space to our foot print on the west side of the shop. There are so […]