… real marriage

February 18, 2020 …but first, a Kitchen Remodel Update. This time last week, it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.   We didn’t make our Valentine’s Day goal to have cupcakes back up and baking, and I had no idea who was showing up to do their work when. Then…all the […]

I’m heartbroken… but there’s hope.

February 11, 2020 Heartbroken…But Hopeful No one wants to shut down part of their business for a month, but that’s what we had to do on January 25th.  Our last cupcake had been baked in our little pink oven and we unplugged it and said goodbye.  (It’s actually still there but we won’t be baking […]

There’s No Where to Go but…

February 4, 2020 It seems like a total party foul to not mention the Chiefs here, although I can’t honestly claim to be a fan.  I mean I don’t dislike them by any means,  I’m just not into Pro Sports.  Perhaps growing up in Kentucky where there are no pro teams didn’t allow for it to be “ingrained” […]

Finally…Our Big Kitchen Remodel

January 28, 2020 Jeremy and I had the best getaway last week in Cabo San Lucas.  Our first time there. The highlight of the trip (outside of just being able to have one on one time without our kids for 5 days) was our Humpback Whale Adventure.  We were within arms reach of 2-3 humpback […]

…had this made for my hubby

January 21, 2020 …on a break!  My hubby and I are on a little getaway for a couple days.  It’s been about 3 years since we went on a trip sans kids so we needed it.  Keep reading til the end of this email to see a special gift I had Angie Johnson help me […]

Our very first cookie decorating class!

January 13, 2020 First Time Ever! Lot’s of fun stuff happening around the shop this week.  Today, I got to do my very favorite thing and style some brand new shelves.  Blank shelves are my canvas!   I was at the shop late tonight with the music cranking and just styling away.  I don’t have any good pics […]

…hello January

January 6, 2020 Today found me at the shop with my sidekick Jana taking down all our Christmas Trees. All.11.of.THEM. And that doesn’t even count the 4 or 5 that Jana brought in from her own stash to use for some of her ornaments she made for the season, which she had already taken down […]

Where we’ve been… where we’re headed

December 31, 2019 …One More Day Just one more day to shop at Plume in 2019.   Open today 10am – 2pm if you need a hostess gift, late Christmas Gift, Cupcakes or Popcorn for your New Years Eve shenanigans.  A quick reminder of our hours for the rest of the week.  Then we’re back to […]

A Christmas Miracle

December 23, 2019 A Christmas Miracle…   After Church, I ran around half the day yesterday finishing up my shopping.  And then I actually allowed myself to take a nice long walk with my friend Rachel.  What a gorgeous day it was!  Just what I needed to prepare for this week. Opening on a Monday almost […]

Down to the Nitty Gritty…

December 17, 2019 Down to the Nitty Gritty… It’s GO-TIME friends and this snow is not helping ONE BIT. I hear all of you out there cheering for a White Christmas, and I love a snowy Christmas morning as much as anyone.  But as a small business owner, a WHITE-WEEK-BEFORE-CHRISTMAS is not a good thing.   Losing […]

Girl, Bite Your Tounge…

December 10, 2019 Girl, Bite Your Tongue… Before we had kids, and before I had Plume…might I say I was a decorating maven.  I remember distinctly after we moved to Columbia in 2005 and we started to make friends, taking great joy in entertaining and decorating my house for each season but particularly Fall and […]

One for the Record Books + my Momma’s Wassail Recipe

December 2, 2019 My Momma’s Wassail Recipe… Thank you for Showing up for Small Biz Saturday! It is always so humbling to see so many of you coming through our doors.   It was a record Small Biz Saturday for Plume! If you came by, you may have noticed (or not) that I wasn’t even actually […]

What I’m thankful for…

November 26, 2019 Hello Friends! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours.  (And if you’re someone for which the holidays bring pain…please know that I am so sorry.) It’s our turn to travel to Kentucky to be with my family this year and I can’t wait!  We alternate holidays between mine and Jeremy’s family (which is in […]

It’s that time of the year…

November 19, 2019 Oh What Fun… Thank you to everyone who read about and donated to the Hastings Family last week.  If you missed the story, it was actually picked up by The Missourian and you can also still visit their GoFund Me page. A brief update on the Plume front.   Allison, their sweet 19 year old daughter who is one of […]

A Life Well Lived.

November, 11 2019 A Life Well Lived. It’s not often I share something like this, but when I feel prompted, I want to follow God’s leading.   He’s given me this platform to use for His Glory and to do His good works and I want be obedient to that. If you’ve ever enjoyed cupcakes from […]

Birthday Recap… and Holiday Open House!

November 5, 2019 Holiday Open House … This Week! Our Birthday Celebration last week was amazing.  There’s so much I want to share about it but I don’t have the time to do it justice so I think I’ll defer to next week.  In the meantime I’ll just say thank you to everyone who came by, had […]

The BIG 6!

October 29, 2019 Turning 6. I got all nostalgic about turning 6 last week… This week I’m too tired and there are too many things to do to stop and reflect. PSA: Don’t ever decide to open a shop on YOUR OWN Birthday.  It means you’re always going to be working your BUTT off on YOUR […]

… if you build it.

October 22, 2019 If you build it… From the beginning I knew I wanted a destination spot.  A quirky, quaint place that you just can’t find anywhere else.   I remember fighting back when someone close to me told me that “no, one would ever come to my shop in that horrible location”.   I knew in […]

…People keep asking

October 15, 2019 People keep asking….“How are your new hours going?” (In case you’re new here, I opened the shop in 2013 with Thursday – Saturday open hours, and we just recently in September became a Tuesday – Saturday shop). THINGS ARE GOING GREAT! People ARE actually coming and shopping 5 DAYS A WEEK.  More people than […]

There’s no place like Homecoming…

October 8, 2019 Jeremy and I aren’t from here.   We didn’t go to school here.  We aren’t Tiger Fans from birth, but instead by choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I still bleed red for the University of Louisville (where I graduated from) but Louisville isn’t really a college town.  It’s great, but its big and spread out and so […]

No Christmas in October…

October 1, 2019 Those of you who’ve been around for awhile know that I strongly dislike anything Christmas before Halloween.   This is because there are too many other fun things that need to be celebrated first.  I don’t want to see your Christmas Ornaments, Stockings and Wreaths…Walmart, Hobby Lobby and every other retailer on the […]

Isn’t She Lovely?

September 24, 2019 When you sign up for one of our workshops, this is the sweet space that welcomes you. Isn’t she lovely? This time last year this little corner of our shop was still greatly under-utilized. We had only been expanded into our new space for about 6 months at that point and just weren’t […]

Hello, Big Girl…  

September 19, 2019 Jeremy and I moved to Columbia on our 3-year wedding anniversary.  March 24, 2005.  It was my job that brought us and he was gracious enough to start over in a whole new career to allow me to take the promotion that moved us here.   I thought at the time that Columbia […]

Have your Rally Cap on?

September 10, 2019 Big Winner!   Thank you so very much to everyone who came out last week for our first 5-DAY Week!  Our week-long Pep Rally to kick off the first Tiger Home Game of the season was a huge success.  We had over 465 people enter our Gameday Giveaway via our social media channels and in-store purchases. […]

Pep Rally + Our best Gameday Collection EVER!

September 3, 2019 Rally at Plume We’re kicking off Tuesdays & Celebrating the Tiger’s Home Opening this Saturday with our very own Pep Rally here at Plume.  ALL.WEEK.LONG! Keep Reading for Specials, Giveaway Details + A Free Gift!!   Come shop with us this week for all your GAME DAY GEAR and be entered to […]

BIG NEWS… I’m EXCITED… and a little scared!

August 28, 2019 It’s Time… Yes, you heard right.  Starting NEXT week we’ll be OPEN, Tuesday – Saturday!   I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little nervous.  I know so, so many of you are used to working 5 days a week, full time, all week every week.  And believe me, I […]

You can totally sit with me…

August 21, 2019 There’s Room at Our Table Something happened in the last week and I can’t quite pinpoint what it is…but since last Thursday I’m suddenly getting so much more accomplished.  Oh wait, yes…school started.  Are you team YAHOO! or team BOOHOO! when it comes to Back to School?  I’m a little of both.   My kids were ready […]

Out til 1AM and I may still be recovering…

August 14, 2019 Still Recovering… Jeremy and I went to a concert at the Starlight Theater in KC last weekend while we were sans kids. What a beautiful and unique venue. We saw Judah and the Lion for the second time (the first time at the Blue Note here in Columbia a couple of years ago and […]

Thank goodness for Grandparents…

August 6, 2019 Good Stuff Coming Up… After having my kids home for a week, this morning I actually drove down to Camdenton and loaded them into the care with Jeremy’s parents for yet another fun week…this time with Nana & Papa.  I think I’ve touted the grandparents on both sides of our families in […]

Long Live Summer Nights…

July 31, 2019 Goodbye July… Everyone is saying it.  Where has the time gone?  I’m writing on the last day of July!  So appropriate that we got these fun T-shirts in last week from Cana at Gold Apple Boutique.  School may be starting in 15 days, but LONG LIVE SUMMER NIGHTS!  We have a limited run […]

Our New Venture…

July 24, 2019 Every week…”I will not wait until the last minute to sit down and write my email.” …11:41PM Tuesday Night and I’m still sitting here writing…. In my defense, I spent most of the day yesterday driving half way to Louisville and back.  My kiddos went to Gee Gee Camp this week.  That’s code […]

Brand New Workshop!

July 17, 2019 Encouraged… In follow-up to my email last week about hiring for the bake shoppe and my anxiety over it, thank you for all of your support and encouraging words.  I’ve had some excellent applicants and get to start meeting with them this week.   I feel good about it!  CUPCAKES will CONTINUE YAY! […]

Here’s your chance to bake… NOW HIRING

July 9, 2019 …NOW HIRING When we decided to develop our in house Bake Shoppe and take on Cupcakes,  I hired the 2 sweetest girls, Allison & Emilia.  They were both High School Juniors when they started in Feb 2018.  I couldn’t be more pleased that they’re both STILL WITH ME!    I didn’t know what […]

Gettin’ fancy around here…

June 25, 2019 We’re…So…Fancy… Are you all singing that song now? My good friend and family photographer Lana Eklund from Art & Soul Photography came by last week to help us put together a little make shift photography studio in our back room.   We have a few obstacles to overcome back there like poor lighting, not a […]

… too much to say.

June 19, 2019 Too Much to Say!  Friends, summer is in full swing and we have so, so many things going on that I feel like I just need to tell you what’s on the schedule.   I typically try to avoid doing what we are trained in the sales world as “product vomiting” but in […]

… life around here this Summer.

June 12, 2019 Summer Time… Thanks to everyone who sent me sweet messages last week about my website copyright issue..  What a doozy that was.  Everything is pretty much back to normal this week thank goodness. I’m loving summer so far although it is challenging to have my work days cut in more than half […]

I was at a complete loss of words…

June 5, 2019 At a loss for words… I’ve been a little out of sorts.  You may not have even noticed but I normally send our weekly newsletter out on Wednesday mornings.  But here it is, late Wednesday…and I’m still sitting here in front of the computer so you’re going to open this on Thursday […]

Looking ahead…

May 29, 2019 Papaw… My parents came to town last week to watch my kiddos in the school talent show.  Then they headed over to the ballfield to watch my son play baseball.  Seeing my dad at the ballfield reminded me of how many summers my sister and I spent with him in the dirt. My dad was […]

The Home Stretch…

May 22, 2019 No one can write a better end of school year rant than Jen Hatmaker’s in 2013 so I won’t event try, but I can say I’m 1000% right there with her Right.Now.in.2019.  If you’ve never read her “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever”  Blog post, grab your coffee and enjoy. I love my […]

Bless my heart. I tried.

May 15, 2019 5 Years in the Making. When you’re a small business some things go quickly because there’s not much red tape to go through.  You make a decision and you run with it.  Other times…it seems like things take F O R E V E R.  For me the things that take forever […]

… All of a sudden I heard a loud crash…

May 8, 2019 …Just when you think you have a day to catch up. Monday I spent the day at the Capitol on a field trip with my 4th Graders.  I’m thankful I have the ability to go on field trips with the kids.  Especially realizing as this 4th grade year comes to a close, […]

Goodbye piece of junk… Hello May!

May 1, 2019 …Farewell Old Friend So this week brought a little more clean up and organizing.  I’m working hard to get all my ducks in a row before the kids get out of school for the summer. A couple years ago, Jana and I redid my office.  You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of that project […]

Spending time with my Moms…

April 25, 2019 …My Moms I’m taking a little pause on the Back Room Project the next couple weeks to focus on Mother’s Day preparations. But I can’t tell you what a difference has been made in that room.  Currently it’s still in what I call “PHASE 2”.  It’s been gutted, trashed, sorted, rearranged and put back […]

A Clean Slate…

April 17, 2019 Friends…this week is going to be short and sweet.  I’m going to share some more pics of Project Back Room and maybe you’ll see why. Remember last week I posted this? and this… and this… This Monday, Suzanne and I completely emptied that space… Ta Da…! Where did all that stuff go […]

…Makeover Waiting to Happen

April 10, 2019 Tonight I’m tired friends.  I’m just now sitting down to write this email late Tuesday night.  I have to tell you I seriously considered chucking it this week.  But I really didn’t want to break my 31 week streak.  Discipline and consistency are sometimes not a strength for me, so it makes […]

My Kind of Town…

April 3, 2019 Sometimes we plan far ahead for our trips but more often than not, we love to do last minute family getaways.   It’s one way to keep the kids from driving us crazy about when we’re going to leave. For the record, Jeremy plans all of our trips.  It’s kind of a hobby […]

Julia’s Story…

March 26, 2019 Julia’s Story Many of you have heard me mention GracefulWait Ministry, a support group for women who struggle with infertility or are grieving the loss of a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.   What calls me to this ministry?  In 2008, my twins were born after a 6 year ordeal with […]

Home for the Holidays

December 26, 2018 When I moved to Missouri in 2001 a new era of Holidays began.   No longer was I able to spend every holiday with my family.  Jeremy and I started traveling each Thanksgiving & Christmas to either Louisville or Anderson, alternating every year.  If one year was Thanksgiving for my family, the next […]

Cyber What??

November 26, 2018 It’s no secret I tend to lag behind in Cyber anything.  However, throughout the past year we’ve been steadily enhancing our website to provide more services and conveniences for you.  And while we’re certainly no Amazon, and have no specials that will “break the internet” on this Cyber Monday, I’m pretty pleased […]

My Love Language

Can I tell you a secret? My love language is NOT gifts. How odd is it then, that I have a “gift shop?”  Can I tell you another secret? I never planned on opening a “gift shop.” To me Plume was, and still is, first and foremost a marketplace for local artisans to sell their handmade wares and vintage […]

Change (Will Do You Good)!

Not only did we start our fall hours this week, (in case you missed it we’re now open on WEDNESDAYS!! As in TODAY!!  Whoop whoop!) But we’ve also been making other changes around here. Completing the space expansion gave us an opportunity to bring on more local makers, tons of new inventory and some sweet […]

Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?!

Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?! This girl! Good thing the Target in Kona had a bathing suit section as big as our Target’s entire women’s apparel department here in Columbia. I ended up finding this romper-style suit and girls, it is the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever worn! I loved that […]

The Barber Chair & The Birthdays

Friends,  we’re so excited to have officially launched our customer birthday celebrations at Plume.   But before I tell you more about how we’re helping you celebrate, let us first take a stroll down memory lane to May 2017 when the barber chair first entered my life. It was all Jeremy’s idea.  I have to admit […]

Maker Monday: Meet Melanie

Who doesn’t love a good makeover?  A sweet before and after.  Fixer Upper anyone?   This week’s Maker Monday features one of the most beautiful makeovers I’ve see this year…so make sure you read to the end.  But it starts with my friend Melanie. Melanie is the designer and maker behind Henry Handbags which offers handmade […]

The Gathering Room Transformation: Part 1. My Favorite Chair

I’ve loved flipping back through pictures when I sit down to write these stories for you about the early days of Plume as we prepare for this new chapter and expansion.   Here’s another picture taken by my friend Lana from Art & Soul Photography just a few days before my opening day.  (I’m chuckling at […]

Why I started to bake…

You may remember when I shared a bit about Patty’s Place previously, the little shop that stood where Plume is now.  This was Patty’s card. Patty had a vision of a gathering place of local artisans complete with coffee, tea and some pastries.    It’s a vision I  shared and maintained for Plume.  Since day […]

Pretty Darn Fun.

In case you missed the memo, we’ve been having some pretty darn fun felt flower workshops around here. We started back in November with our holiday edition and everyone came and made these cute hand-stitched felt flower hoops. Beth Costello from Heartgrooves Handmade is the designer behind all our class samples and she also teaches […]

National Popcorn Day 2018

This Friday January 19th is National Popcorn Day! To celebrate we’re excited to Launch our Frequent Popper Cards with GOPO. Starting tomorrow, Thursday Jan 18th – Saturday Jan 20th sop by Plume anytime during our normal business hours and pick-up your card.  BONUS:  Grab a free 16oz bag of GOPO with any purchase on those […]

Plume 3.0

I’ve been busting at the seems to share with you some of our plans for 2018.  The most exciting of which is THAT WE ARE EXPANDING!  We’re staying put in our current location but adding another 1200 sq feet of space to our foot print on the west side of the shop. There are so […]

My 2018 Word of the Year

I stayed open today in spite of the weather because once I’m here…I’m here and I have so much organizing and planning and book-work to do it was a good opportunity.  Jeremy was able to pick the kids up and work from home the rest of the day and worse case scenario he’ll pop up […]

A Day Worth Celebrating

Wednesday November 1, 2017 I can’t believe it’s been 4 years.  I’ve learned so much.  I’ve made mistakes.  I’ve taken 1 step forward, 2 steps back.  I’ve had small victories and moments of elation.  I’ve had months I’ve paid myself and months I’ve gone without.  I’ve had days I wanted to lock the doors and […]

Maker Monday: Meet Jana

Behind every successful person, there’s a wingman.   Someone who sees the vision and believes in it, and is right there by your side, willing to help make it happen.   Someone who doesn’t want the spotlight on them, and often times cringes at the thought of it.   That person for me is Jana. […]

Maker Monday: Meet Beth

Who is this rock star? When I first heard of “Beth Costello” I was working on some Women’s Ministry social events at my church that involved scrapbooking.  This was back in 2006 or 2007?   I kept hearing about the fabulous scrapbook pages this gal was coming up with.  And let me tell you, Beth’s […]

Maker Monday: Meet Kailey

After opening Plume in November 2013 and surviving my first Christmas season I started learning more about what customers were looking for in a little shop like mine.   While my original vision was to mainly have locally repurposed painted furniture and home decor, it became clear that my customers were also looking for, and […]

Maker Monday: Meet Brooke & Nick

Brooke & Nick Bartlett first met on a blind date.  According to Brooke, it didn’t go so well, but eventually they hit it off.   You can probably tell by looking at these pictures what a joyful, fun-loving and quirky couple they are.   I have so enjoyed getting to know them. I don’t know […]

Maker Monday: Meet Lacy

Meet Lacy Stroessner, the creator and maker behind Madre Beads.   When I first met her in 2007 she was Lacy Donaldson, bright-eyed college girl on her way to becoming a teacher.

Maker Monday: Meet Brady

Remember that blog post a few weeks back where I posted about how I decided to open Plume?  All those mom’s on Facebook I was buying stuff from?   Meet Brady…she was one of those moms.   Who knew that me buying my kiddos a couple of capes would lead to such a friendship and sweet partnership.

Maker Monday: Meet Tia

When Tia Berg was a little girl in Blue Springs, MO she wanted to be an orthodontist.  (It’s no wonder she has such a beautiful smile.)   But in 10th grade she met Ms. Schnakenberg, one of her high school teachers, a Chemical Engineer and Mizzou grad.  Tia took science classes from her for three […]

Maker Monday: Meet Carrie & Connie

Meet the girls of Sew Darn Stitchin’, Connie Miller & Carrie Brixey…a mother-daughter traveling sewing sensation. …and their vintage 1972 Shasta Camper “Tillie”…pulled along by “Susian”, a 1964 International Travelall.   Have you ever seen anything so stinkin’ cool and adorable?  Did you even know vintage camping was a thing?  The girls even dress the part.  Every […]

Maker Monday: Meet Dari & Mike

There is so much to say about these two…where do I start? Dari Cranford was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Columbia in 2005.   We had been attending The Crossing Church {back when it was in RBHS} and in September of that year, I felt spurred for the […]

Maker Monday: Meet Chris

I hope your Monday has been the best start to your week.  I’m finally sitting down for the day to relax, let my fingers do the talking and tell you about my friend and maker Chris Creasy.   I remember the first time I met Chris.   She was one of my earliest customers in […]

Maker Monday: Meet Cathy

Today I’m launching a new series called Maker Mondays where I’ll be sharing stories of the individual makers behind Plume.  I’m panicking even as I type this because I’m so hoping I can actually post a new story every Monday.  So I’ll ask for your grace and forgiveness up front if that doesn’t actually happen. […]

What if…

“Why isn’t there just a place where all these mom’s can take their stuff and sell it? That was the question rolling around in my brain each time I would meet a mom off that Facebook group to do the meet-up, drop-off, cash exchange.  People always say, want to start a business?  Solve a problem. […]

The Rabbit Hole

People always ask “How did you get the idea to open Plume?” What you’re about to read is the random chain of events, to the best of my memory, that took place in the Spring & Summer of that year.  I affectionately call this the Rabbit Hole.  And when I emerged, Plume opened it’s doors […]

The Very Beginning…

There are a few questions about Plume I always get asked.  I answer them happily every single time because what momma doesn’t love to talk about her baby.  But most of the questions don’t have short answers.  They have stories.  And so…as Julie Andrews would sing…”Let’s start at the very beginning…” I offer these stories […]

Behind the Curtain…My Office{Pt.2}

In my last post I shared a behind the scenes look at the evolution of the “business side” of Plume, the boring stuff that no-one ever sees or oohs and aahs about…but is so very, very critically important to the success of a business.  It’s taken me almost four years to feel like I have […]

Behind the Curtain…My Office {Pt.1}

After sharing more about our humble beginnings yesterday, I thought you might get a kick out of peeking behind the curtain a bit more.  The evolution of my office gives a lot of insight into the evolution of Plume and my attitude as a small business owner in those early days.  When I started Plume […]

Light Up the Night!

There is a new COMO South Business Association in the works that I’m thrilled to be a part of.    Our mission is to raise consumer awareness of all the great locally owned businesses on Columbia’s South Side by cooperatively promoting and supporting one another.   You may recall we had a fabulous Spring Fling […]

Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway!

7 local Columbia, Makers come together to put together the Ultimate Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Giveaway!

Easy DIY Fall Felt Garlands

I recently had a chance to do a little guest blogging over at Thriving Home, my friends Rachel & Polly’s blog.  You can read more about my entry way and DIY Spooky Spider Yarn Tassel Garlands pictured below here.   Working on that blog post inspired me to share a little bit more of my own […]

The Little Shop that Could

When you look back on your life, year by year, are there years that can be summarized by one story?  That story is likely made up of 365 other stories but is there a single significant event that happened in that year that stands out in your mind and sets the tone for that entire […]

Last-Minute-Gifts…That Look Anything But

Over the last three Christmas seasons since opening Plume, my hubby has learned it’s going to be a bit difficult for me to focus during the  holidays.  He kicks it in gear and does the majority of our Christmas shopping.  Yes, he’s a dream-boat and I’m so thankful he’s mine.   I love finding him […]

Handmade Teacher Gifts Under $15

Teachers are a gift from God.  I’m so thankful for those at our Elementary School, Preschool & Church for pouring into my kiddos.   I love my kids but working with kids in that way is not my gift so I’ll gladly shower their teachers with appreciation this holiday for all they do every day.   […]

10 Handmade Christmas Gifts Under $25

Did you know that the Saturday after Black Friday is “Small Business Saturday”?  Me either…until I totally missed it by being CLOSED the first year.  This year, Plume will be closed on Thanksgiving & Black Friday but we’d love to have you join us in support of local small business on Saturday November 28th.   […]

"Mommy, look what I made today!"

Everyday my kids come home from school and start unloading their backpacks and I get a flood of “Mommy, look what I made today!”(s)   They pull papers out left and right and all at once the counter is full of their creations.   They’re so proud.   And so am I.   It’s hard […]

The Real Deal.

You may have seen the Facebook post regarding a new class we’re launching with my friend Kristen Abbott. I’d like to tell you a little about Kristen.   I met her for the first time in Plume…when a mutual friend, Emily,  brought her by shortly after she moved to town.   I immediately liked her. […]

Never too Much Glitter.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m easily distracted by bright shiny objects.  By now you’ve probably seen the event invites coming out for our Glitter Gatherings. What are they exactly, you ask?   Two hours of glorious glitter fun with Jana from Studio J and her custom blend of German Glass Glitter.   […]

Sorry, Randomly Kind Person

Last week I started blogging again after almost a year and a half.   By Thursday I had blogged four days straight and Plume was open for the week and my brain was fried.   The thought of opening the computer at the end of the day to write anything just made me want to cry. […]

What the heck is a shout-out?

For starters it’s what I’ve spent the last 48 hours working on.   I got a new-to-me toy this week called Mailchimp.  (and you say…”Kelly, that’s been out for like…ever!”)  I’m sure this is nothing new to all of you experienced business people but its taken me 17 months to figure out I actually do […]

Plume Saves Hubby!

I love you people and I thank you for putting up with my limited hours.   I know its somewhat inconvenient and not ideal.   I always feel so bad when someone comes in and says “I came by Tuesday but you were closed.”    Please know how much I appreciate your perseverance when you […]

Why Yes, We DO have a Baby Registry!

So very excited to share this news with you… We have a baby registry! If you get pumped up about baby gear that is not only functional but handmade and SUPER cute…Plume is the place for you.  Yes, you will still have to register at the big box store of your choice because I have […]

The Gathering Room

When Plume was just an idea in my head…I knew I wanted not just a place where women could shop for “pretty somethings”, but a place where women could gather with one another.    Welcome to the Gathering Room.   In many ways, this is the heart of Plume. In October we hosted our first baby shower.  […]


Conception. Labor. Birth. Her’s & mine.  The two are coincidentally (or not) intertwined. But first I want to tell a story about the person who birthed me. My momma. She’s a tough cookie.  It takes a lot to keep her down. I found out my mom had cancer for the first time on my birthday.  […]


I posted a few pics last time of the outside of Plume as she was when I found her (previously Patty’s Place). Words could never explain for you the amount of labor and love that have gone into her over the last 8 weeks. Here is a little timeline to refresh. June 28, discovered Patty’s […]


The birthing process is hard, is it not? For me, the getting-to-birthing process was the hardest.   Conception, gestation & incubation are what almost sent me reeling over the edge.   2 c-sections delivering 3 littles?  Piece of cake.    You ladies who birth the good old fashioned way?  Rockstars! But all that is another story for another […]

sneak peak

Here’s a sneak peek at some of Molly’s flirty skirts & a to-die-for Peter Pan sheer blouse. One thing I’ve realized…she has got to start taking before shots.  Believe me when I tell you that each of these pieces has a robust history.  I don’t know where they were worn in a past life but I can […]

What is pretty?

What does it mean to be pretty? I think it’s first having a pretty heart. God first. My man second. My kids next. My family & friends before myself. I like to have a pretty nest. That doesn’t mean it’s the nicest, most expensive. But it’s all…ME. Perfectly imperfect. Pretty to look at and comfy […]