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    Mini Cupcakes
    Single $1.95 • 1/2 dozen $10.95 • Dozen $19.50
    Regular Cupcakes
    Dozen $29.50
  • Flavors

  • Our seasonal special is sure to delight!
  • Fluffy vanilla buttercream piled on our house-made vanilla cake featuring real butter and vanilla topped with a white chocolate feather.
  • Made-from-scratch chocolate cake with a big ole' dollop of our chocolate buttercream & mini Hershey® bar.
  • Strawberry buttercream piped on top of strawberry cake with sprinkles & strawberry gummy bear.
  • Gooey coconut pecan icing on top of our made-from-scratch dark chocolate cake.
  • Peanut butter buttercream on top of our house-made chocolate cake, finished off with chocolate sprinkles & a mini Reese's® cup.
  • Our house-made vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream and drizzled with salted caramel & a pretzel.
  • We fold cherries into our almond cake batter and top it off with fluffy cherry buttercream, almonds & a cherry on top.
  • Made-from-scratch dark chocolate cake piled high with raspberry buttercream & a fresh raspberry.
  • Based on flavor quantity selections above.
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