The Beginning

The Gathering Room Transformation: Part 1. My Favorite Chair

I’ve loved flipping back through pictures when I sit down to write these stories for you about the early days of Plume as we prepare for this new chapter and expansion.   Here’s another picture taken by my friend Lana from Art & Soul Photography just a few days before my opening day.  (I’m chuckling at […]

What if…

“Why isn’t there just a place where all these mom’s can take their stuff and sell it? That was the question rolling around in my brain each time I would meet a mom off that Facebook group to do the meet-up, drop-off, cash exchange.  People always say, want to start a business?  Solve a problem. […]

The Rabbit Hole

People always ask “How did you get the idea to open Plume?” What you’re about to read is the random chain of events, to the best of my memory, that took place in the Spring & Summer of that year.  I affectionately call this the Rabbit Hole.  And when I emerged, Plume opened it’s doors […]

The Very Beginning…

There are a few questions about Plume I always get asked.  I answer them happily every single time because what momma doesn’t love to talk about her baby.  But most of the questions don’t have short answers.  They have stories.  And so…as Julie Andrews would sing…”Let’s start at the very beginning…” I offer these stories […]


Conception. Labor. Birth. Her’s & mine.  The two are coincidentally (or not) intertwined. But first I want to tell a story about the person who birthed me. My momma. She’s a tough cookie.  It takes a lot to keep her down. I found out my mom had cancer for the first time on my birthday.  […]


I posted a few pics last time of the outside of Plume as she was when I found her (previously Patty’s Place). Words could never explain for you the amount of labor and love that have gone into her over the last 8 weeks. Here is a little timeline to refresh. June 28, discovered Patty’s […]


The birthing process is hard, is it not? For me, the getting-to-birthing process was the hardest.   Conception, gestation & incubation are what almost sent me reeling over the edge.   2 c-sections delivering 3 littles?  Piece of cake.    You ladies who birth the good old fashioned way?  Rockstars! But all that is another story for another […]

What is pretty?

What does it mean to be pretty? I think it’s first having a pretty heart. God first. My man second. My kids next. My family & friends before myself. I like to have a pretty nest. That doesn’t mean it’s the nicest, most expensive. But it’s all…ME. Perfectly imperfect. Pretty to look at and comfy […]