Behind the Curtain

My Love Language

Can I tell you a secret? My love language is NOT gifts. How odd is it then, that I have a “gift shop?”  Can I tell you another secret? I never planned on opening a “gift shop.” To me Plume was, and still is, first and foremost a marketplace for local artisans to sell their handmade wares and vintage […]

Change (Will Do You Good)!

Not only did we start our fall hours this week, (in case you missed it we’re now open on WEDNESDAYS!! As in TODAY!!  Whoop whoop!) But we’ve also been making other changes around here. Completing the space expansion gave us an opportunity to bring on more local makers, tons of new inventory and some sweet […]

Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?!

Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?! This girl! Good thing the Target in Kona had a bathing suit section as big as our Target’s entire women’s apparel department here in Columbia. I ended up finding this romper-style suit and girls, it is the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever worn! I loved that […]

The Gathering Room Transformation: Part 1. My Favorite Chair

I’ve loved flipping back through pictures when I sit down to write these stories for you about the early days of Plume as we prepare for this new chapter and expansion.   Here’s another picture taken by my friend Lana from Art & Soul Photography just a few days before my opening day.  (I’m chuckling at […]

Why I started to bake…

You may remember when I shared a bit about Patty’s Place previously, the little shop that stood where Plume is now.  This was Patty’s card. Patty had a vision of a gathering place of local artisans complete with coffee, tea and some pastries.    It’s a vision I  shared and maintained for Plume.  Since day […]

Plume 3.0

I’ve been busting at the seems to share with you some of our plans for 2018.  The most exciting of which is THAT WE ARE EXPANDING!  We’re staying put in our current location but adding another 1200 sq feet of space to our foot print on the west side of the shop. There are so […]

My 2018 Word of the Year

I stayed open today in spite of the weather because once I’m here…I’m here and I have so much organizing and planning and book-work to do it was a good opportunity.  Jeremy was able to pick the kids up and work from home the rest of the day and worse case scenario he’ll pop up […]

Behind the Curtain…My Office{Pt.2}

In my last post I shared a behind the scenes look at the evolution of the “business side” of Plume, the boring stuff that no-one ever sees or oohs and aahs about…but is so very, very critically important to the success of a business.  It’s taken me almost four years to feel like I have […]

Behind the Curtain…My Office {Pt.1}

After sharing more about our humble beginnings yesterday, I thought you might get a kick out of peeking behind the curtain a bit more.  The evolution of my office gives a lot of insight into the evolution of Plume and my attitude as a small business owner in those early days.  When I started Plume […]

The Little Shop that Could

When you look back on your life, year by year, are there years that can be summarized by one story?  That story is likely made up of 365 other stories but is there a single significant event that happened in that year that stands out in your mind and sets the tone for that entire […]

"Mommy, look what I made today!"

Everyday my kids come home from school and start unloading their backpacks and I get a flood of “Mommy, look what I made today!”(s)   They pull papers out left and right and all at once the counter is full of their creations.   They’re so proud.   And so am I.   It’s hard […]

Sorry, Randomly Kind Person

Last week I started blogging again after almost a year and a half.   By Thursday I had blogged four days straight and Plume was open for the week and my brain was fried.   The thought of opening the computer at the end of the day to write anything just made me want to cry. […]